Saturday, June 11, 2011

New things :)

I have been keeping busy...

I guess i sort of fell into this new hobby of mine.  I like to take pictures particularly of my kids.  I remember when my eldest was born my mom joked that i took pictures of her everyday :)  I cannot help it if my children are adorable :)  Usually i get my art on (yes... i get art-on, lol) by painting, but since i have a really difficult time stopping in the middle of a piece and coming back the next day ... or weeks later (believe me it is not pretty when i try) i have been scratching that itch by taking pics.  Lets just say my day feels like a constant interruption as of late ( but i am loving it).  My awesome friend loaned me a really cool camera and i have been slowly learning the ins and outs of my editing program.  I really love it!

Oh and my weekly new recipe has totally went out the window.  I am lucky to get dinner at all lately.  I think it is a time conflict really.  My hubby arrives home just before the baby goes to bed and let's just say he isn't usually mr. sunshine (the baby- not my hubby) during our dinner preparation hour.  And lets face it... he really wants his momma when he is tired.  
We have been going to the pool a lot lately which is really awesome!  I am so glad summer is here.  I was honestly worried about jumping into a suit after a baby and a broken foot but i every time i feel even a little self conscious i try to remind myself that my beautiful daughter is looking at me to be her body self confidence role model.  I want her to shine :).  
Let Jesus shine through you!


  1. I couldn't agree more about your body image reflecting on your daughter! I have a chubby little 3 year old niece. I LOVE LOVE LOVE her baby fat and I always call her my cute chubby girl or my pretty chubby baby, and that was fine until she realized that her mother thinks of herself as chubby and feels badly about it, and now at almost 4 years old she is very self consious about her perfectly healthy (she's not tooooo chubby) little body. It makes me so sad because she is beautiful and healthy.

  2. i love chubby babies, lol! It really does start young. My daughter is 4 and today she was asking me if her teeth looked yellow, lol. I hate that even young children aspire to be thin and it is so hard to shield them from all the media. I really aspire to be that role model for her especially because i am not extra thin :)