Friday, June 17, 2011

I finished so many errands today :)!  Isn't it so funny how all these little things that need done add up to one huge amount of stress!  It is so much harder to get in and out quickly with two kids in tow.  I thought at first this was only because i was not organized enough but i am beginning to see that it doesn't matter how organized i am it is always a challenge.  Although it is twice the trouble it is also twice the reward :)!
    It is so funny how different my kids are, even as babies! Micah is so expressive!  That is a nice way of saying he cries and cries but he also has such a sweet, easy smile.  I always had to work for elli to smile but she was smart as a whip and always ahead of schedule while Micah me-aners along waiting for me to push him to try new things.  They are so special.
  Micah is getting so big!  Every time i hold him i just marvel at how he has grown and how fast time flies by.  I love having a little girl and although i had no idea what i would "do" with a boy when we found out that micah was on his way, I really love having a sweet little man in my life too :)

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