Monday, April 11, 2011

Just some motherly advice

ahhhhhhh!  Today i was a cleaning machine!  It feels so nice to have some of these little things that have fallen by the wayside, since the baby was born, be neat and tidy again.  order ensues!
Lately i have been thinking a lot about mothering advice.  Some of my friends are having their first babies and i just recently brought home my second, and let me tell you i will sit and listen intently to any advice anyone has to offer.  Weather i try it or not ... it's a toss up :)  and on that note i would like to introduce

or ALTETYWNGCOYBAM (I like cloudy with a chance of meatballs )

1.  If you are nursing always wear 2 shirts.  I like to buy those spaghetti strap tanks and wear them under everything.  That way when i am in public and need to nurse the top shirt pulls up, the spaghetti strap shirt goes down and my whole back and side isn't exposed for the whole world to gawk at.

2.  keep a onesie, diaper and emergency wipes in the glove box!  There is nothing that can ruin a day faster that a crying baby with poop all over him.

3. i know you are sleep deprived and the baby might cry, but for heaven's sakes take a shower before your husband gets home from work... yes that smell is you!  (men scare easily take this into consideration if you ever want more children, lol)

4.  buy the cheap clothes... kid's are messy.  Like a food fight messy, only their food stains clothes more easily and if by some miracle you make it through a meal with a clean shirt don't worry their mustard poop will most likely show up on it later :)

5. relax, i think just about every mother comes home feeling overwhelmed and a little afraid they might do something monumentally stupid that would hurt their baby.  Being concerned for their saftey is a good sign.  Focus on loving that new little life and they will be safe.

6.  if they aren't blue... they are breathing!  Do not, i repeat Do not wake them just to make sure they are still alive

7.  Call your momma, or another mother and just talk to someone!  six weeks alone can really make you feel like a hermit and frankly a little depressed.

8.  Do not sanitize your baby's pacifier with those anti bac hand sanitizers but do sanitize their hands (people have a tendency to know they shouldn't touch a baby's face but they constantly grab their hands and let me tell you baby hands are almost always in their mouths)

well that is all i can think of now!  But i am sure that you guys have learned your own little trick along the way so please post your advise in the comments!


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