Friday, March 18, 2011

I just have to say there is nothing more heart warming than the sound of a softly snoring child ( or loudly...considering all the colds from this winter, lol) on your shoulder.  God has been so good to send me these two marvelous little blessings.  I am enjoying my snuggle time again.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

the good from the bad

Since it is late let's just make a list, shall we?

The Bad... dun dun dun!
1. nauseous most of monday and tuesday
2. got pregnancy test tuesday
3. Hit a glisteningly new avalanche in the parking lot of the pharmacy (yes it was parked, lol, there were of course extenuating circumstances)
4. h.h. police department hit up my phone
5. 5:00 tuesday the puking began...
6. and didn't end until late wednesday night
7. had to formula feed little man due to my inability to eat or drink= no milk

And then there was ...  The good!
1. The test was negative... let's just say i am more than ready to wait a while before i see that second pink line, lol!
2. The officer was super nice assuring mr. avalanche that hit and run's do not usually leave apology notes with names and numbers :)
3. I actually managed to squeeze in a play date this week for elli (during the nauseous stage of the week)
4. my stomach has returned to it's previous stage of simply feeling sick and not actually getting sick :)
5. i ate today... a little and my milk is returning!
6. i realized how much i love to snuggle elli at bedtime and kiss all over micah's cheeks.  Can't wait to relieve daddy of those duties!
7. My friend Sarah had a beautiful baby boy with very squeezable cheeks:)  love you Sarah!

And since my week was so ... well, yucky, here are some really sweet pics :)

gotta love how he makes plastic look yummy:)